Saturday, June 16, 2012

of princess dresses and my girls

Stuffed into the back of a 4Runner like an over-frosted, toppling cupcake, I found myself reliving the best night of my life through the very fibers of my sparkling dress and in the presence of Mr. Charming, along with one of the only people I know that can successfully use the word epic in real life sentences without sounding obnoxious.  And epic photographs were created in the name of trashing my wedding dress, celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary, and catching moments that weren't caught on our wedding day.

There's something about that dress.  Ruby insists it's my wedding dress, and stepping into it means I will be getting married again.  Everyone deserves to wear their wedding dress more than once; paying tribute to their love with hikes, car climbing, and creek wading.  Hours spend with my love with no interruptions from little voices was more romantic and beautiful that I ever would have guessed a photo shoot to be.

One of my favorite Ruby phases is upon us.  She might appear in a tutu, scarf, and mismatched hat with her dog of varying identities accompanies her on her next trek to the airport.  Her talents aren't limited to traveling - she spends each night, dancing as a bedazzled fairy princess singings songs about her transformations before shouting ABRA TODABRA!  It's like she came spinning into our bedroom, straight from Broadway where they sing about their breakfast, their outfit choices, and their magical capabilities.  Last night, the song being sung in conjunction with wild wand swinging, twirling, and crown wearing was something about I can change you to anyyyyyything.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Eisley is at one of my most favorite stages - right in between babyhood and the toddler world.  She knows her body parts, she throws things away, and can carry out out other simple demands.  The moments are fleeting, but cherished.  She lives for stories with her sister, imaginary worlds made of chalk outside, and baths.  She happens to love dogs as much as anyone I know, and has a talent for trashing a room in record time, allowing approximately zero things to be accomplished in a day's time, and making the simplest words the cutest with her mocking habits.

I don't have any clue how my life turned into this, but I spend every waking moment thankful for my blessings.

 Oh, and also?  Check this out:

 One year does unbelievable things.


Mom, you're really good at this!
--Good at what?

As she got out of the car, "It's really sweaty out here."

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