Monday, June 11, 2012

random bits of ketchup

Their sleepy breaths and sighs fill the silence; just enough take away any thoughts of loneliness.  These moments are so few and so far, I usually spend my mornings sipping my favorite caffeine laced with creamer while I catch up on emails, a book, or crafting. Dumping yesterday's clothes in a bath full of my favorite smelling laundry detergent becomes an opportunity rather than a challenge - I don't hate the silence nearly as much as I once did.  There is something to be said for silent gratitude at the start of a day.

There's also something to be said about the smells of summer; the joy that this season brings.  I know it's summer by the chubby chalk fingers, the lingering sunscreen smells, the popsicle stains.  The nights with the fan working above us, waking up to chirping nearby open windows.  I'm thankful for this time in my life, I'm thankful for the quiet, reflective mornings, I'm thankful for days spent baking with my mom and sister followed with movie nights as an excuse to inhale all baked things.


For the love of Zulily, I cannot stay off of there when they hide treasures that carry my favorite brands or harbor zebra prints or over the top ruffles.  I am of the opinion that they need to start a Serious Shoppers incentive program because I have done my fair share to keep them in business.

With preschool on the horizon, despite my desperate attempts to keep Ruby under four feet tall and stricken with innocence and wonder, I have spent hours researching potential places near our new home.  I hope to be done and on a waiting list in the next week.

On a trek for various pinterest-inspired crafts and treats, the girls and I turned a day out into a ridiculous marathon of carseat buckling and errand running.  Cracker packages randomly tucked into my purse for emergency extended time bribes as I went on a most eclectic scavenger hunt through Hobby Lobby, I managed to come away with most everything I needed for another crafty endeavor - vintage, French-inspired headbands.

It was also on this day that I realized just how much Ruby might have inherited a giant portion of my own DNA - walking around the library with her nose shoved in a new book.  It happened to occur to me how much I took one child on errand trips for granted.  And how stupid it was to think I'd "just be gone for a couple of hours."

Molars will have me committed to the asylum if they don't make their big debut soon.  One of through - the rest are painfully close; so close, in fact, that I'm waiting for stretch marks to show up on her grossly stretched gums.  And while I'm making requests....a baby that sleeps through the night please?  And thank you.

I happened upon the ultimate meaning of life--cake batter oreos this week, and ironically, it was a moment that I crammed one of those babies into my mouth that I decided to see if I could still cram myself into my wedding dress.

I did it.  And I could still breathe.  No more oreos for me.

Until next week.


Mango Juice = Bingo Juice

Ruby gives herself snuggling limits at night in which she announces a random number of minutes and then puts herself to bed when she believes that time frame has passed.

Ohh, and also?

-Corey came home this week - Ruby is beyond thrilled to have her uncle here.

-I realized that the person organizing the wedding registry shopping doesn't have frazzled moms with tired children in mind

-I decided this week that I wouldn't make a great FBI agent, secret agent, or any other sort of agent.  This was a random decision that most definitely didn't follow a [failed] brief celebrity stalking encounter

-Ama's cookies are our favorites:

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