Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer things and sweet girls

I see 2:00 AM nearly every morning as I find myself engrossed in fiction worlds around me.  It's my quiet time time - I look forward to that time for reading while Eisley's heart thumps against my chest, and deep, sleepy breathing fills the silence.  Sometimes, it's hard to keep my eyes peeled under that blanket of stillness and rhythmic noises.  Or that could be my body's way of begging me to stop lugging two rather large children around in my bike trailer.  I haven't quite figured out which.

Our social calendar seems to be gathering more invites, engagements, and requests.  This is generally the time I start to long for the beginning of September when my fall things can be rediscovered, the weather is cooler, and things slow down, in spite of football season swiping Jimmy away.  I can't do that this year - Ruby will be in school then, and while I'm excited for her, I am throwing the ultimate pity party for myself in regards to how fast this growing up thing is going.

Yesterday, Eisley had her well baby checkup.  She weighed in at 24 pounds, and was 31.25 inches tall.  She's in the 75th percentile for both.  I'm afraid and I am raising a more outgoing clone of myself.  Her perfectionism and impatience are a recipe following my very own.  The future looks bright and full of challenges if I am raising a child that is as strong-willed and spirited as myself.  Is this when someone pats my shoulder as they tell me it's only fitting that I get this in return for my own childhood?

We have been sorting through heaps and heaps of toys in our house.  And by we, I mean I.  Ruby spends the time playing with things, and Eisley throws them.  I need more hours in a day with less interruptions to finish any single project.  My living room looks like a robbed toy store.  Slowly, I will have this house purged of all unnecessary junk, because I refuse to move any of it.

We have a pajama walk with fruit in tow planned for tonight.  Sweet smelling girls in their jammies in a wagon - there can't be anything sweeter.  Until then, it's fun in the sun and pool.

There is a great chance I made a double batch of chex mix - with just the chex.

There's an even greater chance my house looks like a tornado hit, and I have a bazillion and one other things to do besides clean and organize.


Last night, Ruby told me that Pippi would lay her eggs in the toilet.  This isn't the first time we have discussed dogs and their egg laying habits.

Jesus is always in my heart! ...But God is not coming out yet; he's in my tummy!

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