Monday, February 1, 2016

embrace the chaos and some nose drama

I always imagine January to be this beautiful, calm month - the hustle and bustle over, life slowed down, probably sipping coffee while taking in the snowy landscape.  But not so snowy that life is complicated.

Here we are, January is over, and I feel like it mostly put me in a blender, turned it on and laughed its head off at me.  We started the year with a bloody bang - my nose wouldn't stop bleeding.  And it has done nothing but cause me issues since.  I have seen three doctors who are all equally perplexed, and I'm waiting for my insurance to approve the surgery to have it removed and sent to pathology.  I'm not thrilled at the circus this has been, but there is something slightly humorous about it all.

The schools became extra needy with various projects in January - costumes and family photo requests, show and tell, all about me posters.  KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION (I can't even.)

And so much of this sprung up when I decided on a road trip with my little elmo-loving companion.  So a quick and simple road trip turned out to be an array of lists and instructions, followed by texting reminders to go hunt for various costume pieces.  And trial hairdo options for the husband to do his best at not sending tiny hobos to school while I was away.

Ruby asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and Aunt Sara and Uncle Phil delivered - I was so excited at this being on her wishlist.  This is a hobby that I can get behind!  She chose to make Luca a blanket for her first project, and has since decided she is "an awesome sewer!" and has a list of projects to make for just about everyone in her life.

Sorry, Jimmy, about the fabric bills.

 just because roses from the husband and baby straw faces - not much cuter.

My grandma is set to visit this week which is a big deal and such a treat - so we decided to plan Mere's shower around her arrival.  I also have a tea and two dances to coordinate this weekend.  Maybe after that the calm comes?  Doubtful.

So yes, shower things.  I have been busy crafting and buying ruffles and tulle and such.  I'm excited for this weekend, and also so excited for this sweet baby girl to arrive!

I'm crossing my fingers for fewer obligations and I'm also learning how to prioritize my time.  It's a work in progress, so for now, I'm embracing the chaos.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

blank space

Two months gone.  The longer this place sits vacant, the more daunting it becomes to write again.  The lack of words and memories and photos certainly isn't a reflection of life at the moment, but more of a reflection of the amount of things I am currently juggling and a lack of time to cram a tired, fifteen minute writing session in at the end of the day when littles are sleeping.

With that said, it's a new year; something that promises the beginning of new things, continued work on old goals, and a list of new ones. 

(and as always, snippets of life are on instagram: hilmarhan - it's quick and easy to post there)

The last two months passing by so quickly are such an accurate representation of life - I want to keep track of the fun things, the ugly things, and the parts that we will laugh and cry about for years to come.

Highlights (and excuses for not writing) that missed the blog:

We met Brandon Heath this fall - he played guitar and sang "Jesus in Disguise" with Ruby and Eisley in a moment they will never forgetThe God Thing moments that fell into place when we moved here are numerous - one of my very favorites includes being tossed deep into the Christian music scene.  It's such an amazing feeling to have my girls sing along to the songs.  We were moved deeply with this particular experience.

Jimmy came home one evening in October and told me to pack my stuff and be ready to leave to a surprise destination in mere days.  We left bright and early (with Luca along for the fun) and we landed in Seattle!  It was such a fun surprise and we had an amazing long weekend eating our way through the city. We also got to visit my brother and sister in law which was so fun!

We returned from Seattle to two little girls who were spoiled rotten with fun and treats by Papa and Cici.  And I dove right into birthday planning for Luca (party details: here), and then straight into a gender reveal for my sister and her husband.

There is a whole lot of power in that little envelope that I held, and a whole lot of pressure too!  The news isn't new anymore, but I am so thrilled...

 My niece, Miss Brinley Claire, will be here in March (or possibly April).  It's so exciting to buy bows and tiny sparkled shoes and ruffles again!

And that night, we dressed up for Halloween and celebrated with Aunt Sara and Uncle Phil!

 November was a milestone month for Luca - he began walking and got his first haircut!

 (he has had three since!)


Sadly, we also experienced loss this fall.  We lost Jimmy's Grandpa and we lost our beloved yorkie, Pippi.  

I can't put into words the amount of love my girls held for that dog, and she was the best dog.  Sadly, she left her mark on us early, and we have to love her through memories now. And giving my children that news was the hardest thing I have had to do as a parent thus far - absolutely soul crushing.

In a twist of answered prayers for us, we found a puppy to love.  Through many teary conversations and prayers, we decided to go for it. And although we will never replace our sweet Pip, we are so thankful to get to have another puppy to love.

Meet Dexter (who was almost named George):

He is the sweetest, snuggliest, perfect little healing therapy for our family.


Our big to do for 2015 was Disney.  We spent two weeks in Florida.  It was fun to see months of planning and dreaming come alive in a truly magical way for our kiddos.  That can't possibly be narrowed down to a quick summary or a few photos (find some on instagram: hilmarhan) - perhaps I'll get a post out on our trip before this year is over.

Phew.  Longest recap ever.  With that out of the way, I am hopeful I can get back into the swing of things. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ruby is 7

Dear Ruby,

You are SEVEN.  I feel this way with the change of every year, but it just sounds so...old!  I told you on your birthday that I remembered so clearly the day you were born - it was hard for me to believe that it was so long ago!

We celebrated with a pile of balloons and seven-shaped cinnamon rolls on your special day.  We also sent balloons and a teddy bear to be delivered to school.  You were so excited to go eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse (your pick!) so that you could sit on the saddle and they would sing to you!

 You have always had the kindest, most loving heart of anyone that I know.  I went to your parent/teacher conference at school a couple of weeks ago and listened to your teacher get emotional as she told me that she was inspired by you, that you would lay down your life for your friends and that you always put others' needs before your own.

I began to tear up as she spoke - I am just so proud of you.  And the timing of her telling me that she was inspired was quite ironic.  Days before, I had discovered a vivid and imaginative song you wrote about what it might be like to find yourself in Heaven and I cried my eyes out - just then, I told Daddy that it seems so humbling to be inspired by the heart of a (then) six year old.

You were absolutely made to be a big sister and you are the best at it!  You are so patient and eager to teach things to Eisley and Luca.  They adore you, and look up to you, and love you like crazy.

You are loving reading!  Currently, you are about 100 pages into Little House in the Big Woods - I hope you always soak up books like that.

You also really enjoy our family movie and game nights.  You love to help me in the kitchen, and you love to help out with most anything around the house.  You have recently decided that you want to learn to sew - I am so excited to watch your precious little heart grow big to carry so many things that you love.

I love you more than you could ever know - you are precious to us, and such a perfect gift! 


Monday, November 2, 2015

a very woodland first birthday

This has been the craziest month...possibly of my life.  Jimmy flew me on a surprise trip to Seattle, I threw a gender reveal for my sister (!!!!), we had company, I had parties, hosted a game night, and organized crafts for our MOPS group.  All deserve their own blog posts and all have been fun, but I'm glad to see November where I am likely mistaken in the belief that life is about to calm down.

We threw Luca's 1st birthday party last weekend - my very precious friend, Rebecca came to celebrate with us and captured all of these fun memories.

(favor tags and cupcake toppers were purchased from here.)

picture boards - Hobby Lobby

 pinecone cheeseballs and woodland sandwiches (critters found at Joann's)

he was over it at this point.

 so much chaos; so much love - I feel blessed that our house was FULL to celebrate our little boy!

 sweet, sweet friend (and her sweet, sweet baby boy in her belly)

Happy Birthday, sweet little critter.  We love you so.

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