Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Ruby


As I told you before (and as I'll say again), I can't believe you are four months old now! Time is really flying right past me and you are learning new things and changing your looks at such a rapid pace, I hardly have time to sit here and cry over it.

You have definitely found your fingers and love to move them in and out of your line of vision-it's quite comical to watch because you look like you're about to karate-chop something. And you move them so slowly and methodically. Instead of finding your (delicious?) fingers by mistake as they brush your mouth, you move them to your mouth with purpose...just so you can cram your entire fist in there. You have begun to notice your feet too but they aren't as important in your life-probably because you can't put them in your mouth-yet. It's only a matter of time.

You giggle so much now and I can't help but laugh at you when it happens. There's something about your laugh, but it's absolutely contagious. The things that get you going are so strange-but we can act dorky now, because when you get older you'll think your mama and daddy are dorky no matter what. Anything to get a giggle right?

I think you're going to be ready to start simple solid foods this month-as much as I'm dreading it. That means I'm no longer going to be your sole food source, and selfishly, I hate that. You are interested in the things we eat and like to watch, so I think you'll love eating yourself (if you are anything like your mama or daddy, this won't be an issue!) I might put you off for another month-we'll just have to see what the future brings.

You have recently become very attracted to the television (again, is there any question that you are your father's child?!) I think it's the bright colors, but I admit I was a little sad when I saw that you contorted yourself in your boppy pillow just to see Sportscenter. I'm not sure what I'll do when I'm outnumbered for television choices.

Your nap times are becoming much more spread out-you definitely are not my tiny little thing that I can tote around everywhere (and not wake you up!) as you sleep. You are a cat-napper-but you love to have the blankets pulled close to your chin-my little snuggler! And you are definitely NOT a morning person. I've gotten really talented at sneaking out of bed and pulling the covers right next to you so you think I'm still there.

I love you baby girl-more than you will ever ever know!


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