Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Aliiiive

Today, I was trying to film Donna as she taught the class so she can submit it with her national board certification requirements, and as I zoomed in on a particular child, she said, "SHOOT! I can't find that damn yellow!" The child said this, not Donna. Ha, whoops. Needless to say, she probably won't be using that particular video.

Is it weird that I almost did a little dance as I got my new computer charger in the post office? Instead I just let out a small squeal once inside my car...just in case anyone would think I was weird. I live in a small town, you know. I just hadn't gotten around to getting it ordered (that's a huge task when you don't necessarily know how to go about ordering such a thing..and it would be too easy for the manufacturer of my computer to make such a silly, useless thing).

My baby is four months old today-I have no idea how that happened. I'm afraid that tomorrow I will wake up and she'll be rolling her eyes and getting her driver's license. Time crawled by at a snail's pace when I was waiting for her to make her big debut, and now it's dragging me along and I can hardly keep up. She's one third of a year old today!

Just anticipating the future when I no longer have a teeny tiny kiddo to snuggle to me and tote around makes me want to be pregnant again. I think I can understand why people like the Duggars keep having more. Although, I could skip the whole giving birth part of the experience.

Be proud, I have four garbage bags of old clothes to give away this weekend. And if you aren't proud, please pretend like it, because it took me hours to go through it all. And I'm sure it will all go to someone who can use it more than me. Especially because the clothes (and shoes) served no other purpose but to take up an extraordinary amount of space in my closet.

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Trinity said...

You bite your tongue when it comes to wanting to be like the Duggars. I will tease you mercilessly if you do become like them... ;)

I should go through my clothes. But fatty needs new ones after giving birth. :(

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