Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Love Child

It seems like it's almost human nature for someone to try and figure out which parent a child looks like almost immediately after they were born. And believe me when I say immediately, because we had people trying to figure it out when Ruby was only hours old.

I suppose I'm guilty of this too, though not as vocal about as some others we have run into. And the people that try and pin down just who she looks like and insist that she looks just like him or just like you make me laugh, because honestly, she has certain traits of both but really doesn't look like one or the other. We always say she's a perfect mix.

She's not grandma, not grandpa, not her mama or her daddy. She's just Ruby, and she's just beautiful. [That is, of course, my own unbiased opinion].

In other news, we have her check up tomorrow that was supposed to be done at TWO months. I'm really upset with the doctor's receptionists thus far so we'll see how we fare tomorrow. I don't really buy that they couldn't get her in for a well-baby visit for two entire months; that's insanity in my mind. I also walked out of her one week check up feeling a little let down by my doctor. With all the recent hype about vaccinations, I think I have every right to be a concerned parent and ask questions, and her doctor shot me down like I was a complete idiot for even bothering to mention it.

We'll see how tomorrow goes-I keep envisioning me walking out crying or me yelling and then leaving. I don't handle confrontation really well and I need to stand up for the things I believe in. She's like the bully on the play ground and I don't like that I see it that way-tomorrow could determine whether or not we stay there or find a new office. They're fighting an uphill battle at this point.

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