Monday, November 4, 2013

serendipitous moments

uhhh...hello, November.

what the heck?!

I am in some stage of shock, sprinkled with bits of denial, that my baby is days away from being FIVE.  We had quite the shock last week when I discovered a lump on her neck that sent my heart into overdrive and my mind into a complete state of panic.  Of course this happened at night, and I had one last shred of sanity that I didn't want to waste in the emergency room, so we waited about 18 more hours until we had answers.

Evidently lymph nodes can reach the size of ping pong balls and hardly be considered enlarged.  I still feel traumatized from the negative thoughts that pulsed through my head on repeat, but it was a reminder of the things that really matter to me.  I hate that so many people discover their fears in the form of a sick child, because for one day, the thoughts absolutely ate me alive.

All is well, I'm relishing the little things - the recent appearance of the tiniest little freckles, the way she looks at me with her sparkly blues, the way she just soaks up life.

And conversations with my grandma always make life a little bit sweeter.

Don't tell this to my fall-obsessed self, but Halloween ended and like magic, my brain was all OMGCHRISTMAS!!!  Shopping has started, the music may have crept onto my playlist, and plans are being hammered.  I'll refrain from putting out decor until after Thanksgiving.  I think.

My brilliant idea to create Halloween costumes myself actually did come to fruition this year.  I can't say that this will be a longstanding tradition, but we got free cake pops out of the deal, and their costumes withstood the festivities.

Now, Christmas fabric and fox-colored yarn stand in line.  And probably cookies too, if we're being honest.

My calendar days overflow with social things, and school events, and upcoming parties.  I always promise myself that I'll take the time to enjoy the little things instead of sweeping them aside.  I have been so blessed with a social life in our new home; so many new friends, a bunco group, a MOPS group, bible study, and precious friends.

Richly blessed!

Thankful for this season.

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