Monday, October 21, 2013

simple pleasures

Jack Johnson croons my favorite go-tos, the cookies are in and out of the oven, and Halloween crafts happen at the table.  Our trip seems a million years away from here, and I feel refreshed with the gratefulness I have for this life.

A drive in search for a nap met me with surprise.  I debated which route to take to Starbucks (naturally),  and I meant to take the first road.  In a daze of thoughts, I missed my turn, and ended up taking the second choice. As I sat waiting to turn, I spotted Jimmy's car and had a rush of stomach flutters.  The same ones I had ten years ago when our relationship was new and exciting.  We have graduated from red truck to a hummer.  I was taken aback by such feelings.  Here we are, a decade later as I drive his children around, and he still has this effect.

I'm so, so thankful for the blessings.

I'm anxiously awaiting my new planner so I can fill in an exhausting list of dates that swirl through my brain as we reach the height of fall and venture into my favorite time of year.

Have I mentioned that I am making Halloween costumes this year and have nightmare-vision of myself shopping the pitiful remains of costume sections on the morning of the 31st?

Yeah.  Brilliant idea.  It's mostly a fun idea that I'm not sure I can carry out, and I also have this overwhelming urge to just make the most adorable coffee cozies and themed story boards for the girls.  Priorities need a good, swift kick to realign.

I'm denying the return to reality by leaving our vacation laundry and helping myself to vacation-sized portions of food and desserts.  Also, I still feel exhausted.

And I miss this:

And I miss the zoo animals made of towels that playfully adorned our room each night.  The quiet dinners.  And a flatter belly.

But.  Fall.  Home.  And my babies.  Life feels a whole lot more chaotic, but a whole lot more complete when I'm home.

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