Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the great sickness of 2013

I'm actually mere seconds away from telling Ruby that she can go dine in at her play kitchen where the delicious felt foods are in abundance and she can't keep telling me what she won't have and what she will have for dinner.  "The green part of adocados is not good." Right.  I think this is all a very cruel turn of events for the times that I complained about having roast or vegetable soup or leftovers when I was younger.  Oh, and broccoli or hominy which still make me shudder.

Sorry, mom - I take back everything negative I ever said about dinner.

I guess it's true what they say - sickness takes your mind and and your patience.  Actually, I don't know if anyone has ever said that, but it's true, so I'm saying it.  And let it be today - the first day in five days that I have felt somewhat human for the little ones to screech and squabble and complain.  Last weekend, Jimmy was away, so naturally I would be left to deal with two sick kids at one of the sickest times of my life.  Well-meaning text messages came in and short of asking for someone to please at least just brush my child's hair, change a diaper or four, exchange mismatches jammies for actual clothing, cook a meal, and deliver a maid and massage service, I didn't feel like I could ask for help.

 a little story from our bipolar day.

Aside from the spare time to read books in bed, I am thankful our quiet, sick days are gone.  The spring weather peeks through, we will return to school and back to a routine with fewer germs if we are lucky.  Mostly, I can't wait to get out of the house for the first time in a week.

Oh, the days when stickers not sticking and a dinner invaded by onions, peppers, and avocados were life's biggest issues.

Instead, I have a looming dentist appointment for a not so fun consultation - when your nightmares reside in the land of dentists...well, I wish all I was worrying about was onions for dinner.

In the meantime, I have ambitions in to do lists, proper photo organization, moving organization (yes. still.) and the need to procure some xanax for my upcoming and much dreaded appointment.

 sweet, little helpers
remaining evidence of Valentine's Day festivities.

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