Friday, February 15, 2013

no rest for the weary

One fever turned to two, two coughs, turned to three, and Friday turned into a day full of sleeping, snuggles and not leaving the house.

The bed has become a toy box, linen closet, and pharmacy with a few random books in case we get tired of sleeping (ha.)

Eisley's face is raw.  Each time I ask her if her nose is running again, she just says, "Yep."

I managed to order dinner from my bed.  Too bad none of us even felt like eating it by the time it got here.

Steam shower for me and little sister, resulted in a near snooze fest.

Last night, Ruby talked in her sleep more than some people talk in an entire day in an awakened state.  Eisley felt the need to respond (sick kids = sleep in our room; well, Eisley sleeps in our room all the time) - so I had a fun night full of sleep from 2-6.


If too much television causes brain rot, Ruby has a whole head full of brains no longer functioning.

Other things I learned today:

-sick days are great for shopping
-pinterest's brilliant idea of marshmallows for sore throats most definitely does not work, but I'm sure those calories don't count since they were just an experiment.
-as many times as I long for a lazy day in the midst of chaos, I have had enough stillness to last me for months.
-sick baby faces never get any easier to look at.

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