Monday, July 18, 2011

big girls & weekend adventures

2011 County Fair; her favorite thing there, Clover the baby goat.

Today was the first day I sent my kid off with complete strangers so she could attend Vacation Bible School.  Boy did she ever look precious in her outfit.  I would take a picture and slip it in right here, except for she totally went in with a [smelly, disgusting] bang and peed her pants on the first day.  Awesome...everyone loves the kid that does that.  Thankfully it was a dress, and she didn't need to be completely changed, but she has since traded her precious outfit for her birthday suit and a winter coat accessory along with a cardboard tube to swing in close proximity to pets, people, and all things glass (naturally).

While we waited for her to be finished, Eisley tried her hand at growing up just as quickly as can be too, and she rolled over.  Twice.  Up until now, she hasn't been put down enough to figure out the rolling thing.  She's a master now.

Ruby proceeded to through the most epic of tantrums when we got home, so I know she had fun and didn't want to leave.  Apparently, they served Elmo and apple juice for a snack, she went down the slide, talked about Jesus, and played the guitar.

We spent the weekend in Denver after I was randomly asked to go assist in a wedding shoot (!!)  That was a first wedding and almost definitely my last.  It was a fun experience for sure, but there's a reason I am only getting married once (I mean aside from loving my husband and our vows and all that).  We spent the rest of the weekend stuffing our faces, shopping and doing other assorted touristy things.

We went to the Rockies game where I was surrounded by bizarre PDA (we're talking full body stroking: head, all the way down, gnawing on a partner's finger before kissing it repeatedly).  Two different couples in extremely close proximity.  Then there's always the guy at games like that who loves to shout encouragement to every single player like they are his best friends.  The best is when they play it all cool but fail to pronounce names correctly.

The best thing about this weekend (aside from relishing in family time...and okay, the Coach store)?  I determined the cause of those petechiae that showed up on Eisley's legs a week ago.  We parked a good mile away from Coors Field (awesomely brilliant when you have two children that won't walk, a ridiculous diaper bag, coats just in case, and an overstuffed purse to hold all that wouldn't fit in the overstuffed diaper bag).  Anyway.  I wore Eisley in my mei tai which I happen to love, and as soon as I took her out of it, her legs were worse than ever before.  After checking that morning, as I have done every morning, her spots were gone.  I am confident that the cause of them is the mei tai because I also wore her in it the day they showed up (around the Grand Canyon).  I walked out of the ER believing we'd likely never know the cause and now we have answers.  I'm almost glad they have reappeared; they are no longer so mysterious.

Who'd have guessed the appreciation for overpriced peanuts?

In other news, I'm totally emotional over the pending arrival of our precious niece Abigail.  She should be born any minute.  We had dinner with Sarah, Jeremy, and Peggy last night as a celebratory night out. Can't wait to see them again tomorrow.  Please keep Abbi in your thoughts and prayers, as she is three weeks early.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like some fun family time was had!! Your girls are just so precious. I am glad you figured out what was causing Eisley's discomfort on her legs. I will send good and healthy vibes your way for the new little niece!

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