Saturday, July 23, 2011

life in full swing

I don't know how an entire week flies by in the time that seems to be a day's worth.  I cannot keep up.  When I'm not stuffing my face with junk (and stupidly questioning the scale every day), acting as a human pacifier, taking pictures, or cleaning, well...then, I'm trying to catch up on sleep before the madness continues on in the same fashion.

This week has consisted of three photo sessions, wine and cheese (not whine and cheese, for I was forever grateful for three hours out without kiddos to wrangle) with a friend, and drowning in the ever-growing piles of laundry.  Oh, and lest we forget the Vacation Bible School from nine to noon which ideally should have increased housewife productivity but I was so dumbstruck by the quiet, that I just sat and loved on Eisley with a good book.  The nine o'clock wake up calls weren't easy on Ruby, but by the time 9:00 PM rolled around, she was positively drunk with sleepiness.

Ruby rode her tricycle down the driveway, which is quite sloped, and became a daredevil by the end of our time outside.  Riding with her legs stretched out to the sides, hair flying, maniacal laughter; all-trusting her Daddy to catch her at the end, before she ended up as one with the pile of slippery gravel.

It's hysterical for me to watch Ruby's imagination just flourish.  She spends so much time talking to stuffed animals, her dollhouse magnets, and on her phones.  The other night, Jimmy was frantically looking for Eisley's pacifier, so he left the girls upstairs and ran down to look for one.  Ruby started yelling, "I found the pacifier! I found the pacifier!"  Jimmy hurried upstairs, wondering where she possibly uncovered this pacifier from, and when he asked her where it was, she held up her fingers to show the imaginary pacifier she had discovered.

Oh and on the VBS front, Ruby befriended a little boy named Andrew.  Her daddy is in trouble, because she always plays with the boys.  Her teacher told us she was good at puzzles (remember her being quite the puzzle all-star when she was quite little; she's still quite fond of them).  When the preschoolers did their part in the program, Ruby did the actions but didn't sing much that we could tell.  She did, however, spend lots of the songs hugging the two kids on either side of her (boys!)

I'm about to go all Starbucks Barista and make a toasted marshmallow latte.  You know, after my five second shower where I shout out the door twelve different times to make sure Ruby isn't decorating her sister with fourth of July themed stickers.  Again.

& PS?  Jimmy totally bought a hummer today.

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