Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Superbowl

I like football, I truly do.  But by January, I am ready to be done hearing about it.  So by the time Superbowl comes around and my favored team has long since been knocked out of any running for the title of The Best, I am usually celebrating a whole different set of things rather than the two finalist football teams.

Superbowl Sunday is a celebration of:


-the commercials

-not watching eight hours of football every single Sunday (with a couple more hours to follow each Monday night)

-the end of my husband believing he is an NFL coach and yelling at the players/referees on the television accordingly (don't even get me started...)

-not having to watch all games live and then hearing about them again (and again and again) on ESPN later. 

-the end of winter being in sight...almost.  I mean, unless you live in Colorado when warm weather doesn't come until June.  Oh wait, I do live there.  Nevermind.

I am trying to decide how frowned upon it would be to bring my knitting project to the party tonight.  Talk about the definition of dork.  I have nightmare visions of being attacked by flying carrot sticks or, worse, buffalo wings if I walked in the door with my knitting needles.

I think instead I'll make a game of how many calories I can consume in a four hour period.  That should be fulfilling.

And I'm rooting for the Saints.  Not because I care about that team so much, but because it's much more fun to have a favorite and what kind of mascot is a COLT?  I mean, a baby horse?!

Oh, and I like the colors of the Saints better.

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