Friday, February 5, 2010


Isn't it bizarre how time can go by so quickly in some scenarios and so slooooowly in others?  And sometimes it flies right by and takes its sweet time all in the same time frame.

Time has sped up and dragged me right through the weeks since Ruby came into our lives.  Weird, considering it backed right up to my pregnancy when time slowed down and it felt like I was with child for a few years rather than 9 months (but really 10).  I try so hard to savor the moments with her because they are fleeting.  Being that I am a serious planner, I often get caught up in the future, and sometimes memories of the past.  But living in the moment is something I have always struggled with.

Having a child has served as a serious wake up call in that regard.  I mean, she was a tiny, helpless newborn for about 5 seconds and then one day I woke up one day and had an interactive baby.  It was like that with every stage, and I know I'll be saying that all too soon when she's 18 years old and moving out.

For now, I want to find myself getting caught up in the moments.  Reading the same book even though I have read it 10000 times before, having pretend tea even though there are clothes to be folded, taking silly pictures together just because.

Time is precious.  And we are never guaranteed a tomorrow.

And in case you were wondering when times goes by at an impossible slow pace:

-giving your husband a back massage for a pre-determined amount of minutes
-waiting for an exciting trip or things in the mail
-waiting for someone to run in and out (never fails: after the promise of being lightning quick) of a store while you sit in the car with a fussy baby

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