Saturday, June 2, 2012

here comes trouble.

Last night was a delightful night full of plentiful sleep.

Only replace delightful with exhausting and plentiful with no.

The first one sounded better, didn't it?

I'm currently searching for a maid, so I can write about NYC, but will leave you with this.

Behold the cat whisperer.

Or something.

On the plus side - I haven't cleaned up any vomit in 24 hours now!  I'm considering this a miracle delivered right to my washing machine.  And also to my sanity.  Goodbye, rotavirus.

A few more things:

Ruby has informed me that Eisley came from God, however she was a gift from the fat, jolly Mr. Clause himself.

She has also been on a brother kick (?!?) which explains the previous conversation about where babies come from.

Oh, and dogs lay eggs every night.

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