Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Eisley

Pumpkin Pants,

Two hundred fourteen days old. Where has the time gone, little one? We have seen so much of your big personality shine through in the last month.

Since the turn of six months, you have been less than warm in the welcoming of pureed foods. Much like your sister, the texture is an issue, and we get reactions akin to those of someone eating lemons. Shivers, faces, and spitting bubbles through whatever pureed substance you may have had the displeasure of tasting. You do enjoy eating chunks of fruit, and have gnawed on a carrot, so as soon as we see some more teeth, we'll start in on food of the non-pureed variety.

Speaking of your pearly whites; you got your first tooth on September 5th, and your second one followed closely on September 10th. Though there are no additional teeth in the immediate future, you continue to drool like a saint bernard.

You love to play with things that are not meant for baby hands.  Things like monitor antennas, outlets, and your sister's toys.  I have a feeling you are about to bring a whole new meaning to baby proofing.  You have also delighted your daddy in your pull to the television when any type of sports are on.  I wonder what this means for your future.

You sit, for the most part. That means, you sit until your heavy noggin pulls you sideways, or you get to flapping so excitedly that you start to topple over. You are content to sit and watch the world around you from a sitting position, particularly your sister buzzing by with her toys.

You yell for Ruby on a regular basis. Although I'm not fluent in your language, if I had to translate, I would definitely guess you were calling her. As soon as you see her, you are all smiles, shrieks, and flaps. She continues to be the center of your little world. You pulled out the Mama card this month, and have also said Dada, and Baba.

You are very near crawling. You can push with your feet and do the inchworm scoot to get something that's close. You are a pro at spinning circles on the floor to look at various things. You would like for nothing else than to be crawling off to follow Ruby, and I have no doubt you will soon be doing such a thing.

I love to watch you processing things these days. Watching your hands as they move together, grabbing buttons and jewelry, touching faces and hair. You're just figuring things out. Today, you took your thumb and rubbed it repeatedly over the top of your new teeth. Your thumb has very recently turned into a pacifier substitute and I'm curious if this is just a fad or if this is the next best thing.

I want to bottle you up; the sweet, innocent, baby version of Eisley. The one with the tiny fuzzy hairs, which is especially cute when rebellious hairs are standing up after a nap. The one with the uncountable folds and rolls, the one with the tips of her ears sticking out ever so slightly - a subtle nod to your daddy. The sweet smell of the fuzzy head, the chubby little ankles, the smile that brightens any sort of day. The way you flap your arms and kick your legs with excitement, the way you tap your feet and hands on the floor - repeatedly - presumably because you like the sound. The way you nurse, and knead like a kitten, your excited squeals and babbles. The way you admire your sister, how you like to be held so close when you sleep. Your delectable dimples and crooked grin, your beautiful baby blues. The way you giggle at the tickle of having your clothes changed.

We hit another monthly milestone, and somehow I love you more than before. You are unbelievably precious and the cause of so much joy. Oh, how I love you so, Sunshine.


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