Monday, September 28, 2009

What Happens in Kansas City...

Stays in Kansas City.

Or you know, until Ruby and Dezi are both getting married and we can tease them with these. I need to teach Ruby that kissing cousins isn't common practice and in fact would qualify her for the label white trash.

I also need to teach her not to be so intense-poor Dezi was so taken aback by her screeching and surprise kisses, that we saw his little lip stick out as he searched around in desperation for someone to rescue him from the wild woman.

Please also note how hard (I'm gonna go ahead and just say it's impossible) it is to get pictures where two babies are looking, nevermind two babies and their great grandparents.

We had a great time aside from our trip being so short and such a whirlwind. A time treasured with family, good food, great conversation, wine, and shopping (what more could a girl ask for?!) Watching these two grow up is something that just blows my mind. Playing Barbies, dressing up little siblings, blasting Ace of Base, having deep heart to hearts and silly conversation alike into wee hours of the morning and trying to beat the Super Mario 3 game would be a fairly well-rounded summary of the time Melissa and I spent growing up. I hope Ruby and Dezi are just as close.

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