Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like this...

I'm almost certain that my child just knows me as "Boob." Honestly, the kid won't just rock to sleep, lay to sleep, or sit with me without groping. With anyone else, sure. She knows where the food is, that's for sure.

I'm exhausted. I'm giving my pregnancy self a run for her money-this is ridiculous. After nine hours of sleep, it's nearly impossible for me to get up and function properly for at least an hour. Add to the mix, eleven unruly kids, and I feel like I was steamrolled. I can't keep up with this energy level!

I gave many of my maternity clothes to a friend from school, and it's so funny to be seeing someone else's belly filling them up. Another little body under there making that shirt move. Some parts of me definitely miss the pregnancy part. I wish I could only be pregnant for the second trimester, however. The throwing up for four months, and being swollen beyong belief for the last three weren't my favorite part.

I'm really looking forward to all things coming minus the fact that my baby is growing by the second. I graduate in only sixty six days. My last day of student teaching is in 64 days. I have a lot of exciting things coming up in school, and I cannot believe I'm halfway done with my student teaching. I have been looking forward to this day since the first week of college (have I mentioned how much I hate school-are you scared that I'm becoming a teacher?!)

And in case you were wondering, no I do not have a daily countdown until graduation day. I mean, did you really think I have that much time? -it's just that I received all of the stuff in the mail about it today. You know, cap and gown, the whole she-bang. And I'm sorry, but I don't think a silly-looking cap, a gown that looks like a tent, and a tassel that will get shoved into a box somewhere only to be rediscovered in twenty years are worth $32.00. And that price could double should I place my order late. Hmm, to walk or not to walk? If I graduate with honors (which is definitely doable, providing I just don't stop waking up in the mornings), then I'm definitely walking. I mean, after changing majors three times, going to four different schools, and getting married and having a child-I should be proud, right?

By chance, does anyone need to rent a bubble machine? Perhaps for a wedding, or a deejaying event? Just wondering, because I'm willing to rent out Ruby at a competitive price. Holy moly, that child can spit some serious bubbles. And once she gets bored with the pile she has, she just sucks them back in and starts over. Okay, so the bubbles don't come out-more like, they just dribble down her chin. But it's still cute!

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Anonymous said...

haha..seriously you make me laugh so much!...the way you's sooo sarcastic...and I can just picture you saying all of it!!lol!

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