Wednesday, February 25, 2009

taxes schmaxes.

I did it-I buckled and let my inner skinny girl (c'mon, I know she's in there somewhere). It's time. It's time to stop using pregnancy cravings, breastfeeding and the old it took nine months to put it on, so give it nine months to come off charade. I have used Spark People in the past and it works for me. You know, until I get pregnant or get married and decide that it's okay to be a little bit heavier. Well, when I went to register with them again, I felt like I was being yelled at when I entered that I was breastfeeding. Spark People immediately directed me to Baby Fit which is geared towards pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. We'll see how long the inner skinny girl is in control.

The weather here has been just beautiful. It's tricky though, because mother nature has let us have this glimpse of spring (temperature wise and it even smells like spring!) but I know winter is not over. Such a tease, that one is! We usually get the bad storms (more feet of snow than I am tall) in March. So I sit here and patiently wait for the real spring to arrive. Will the real Spring Season please stand up? Please Stand Up?


Someone please shoot me the next time I offer my accounting expertise for my dad's company. I mean, I know my math skills are something to be jealous of (hah), but the headaches about deadlines aren't worth it. I foresee some W-2 and 1099 forms taking a vacation to the paper shredder then flying gleefully out the window. As soon as I look at those forms, all the letters and numbers and legal language begin to swirl around and resemble Chinese characters. Then I feel the tears begin to rise-I hate taxes.

Jimmy reluctantly completed all of the paperwork last night. I'm currently on hold trying to figure out our employer identification. You'd think this would be something fairly easy to locate on one of the thousands of documents. But, that would be too simple.

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