Friday, February 3, 2017

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Dear Naptime Diary,

I'm sorry for the way I have absolutely allowed you to disappear into the depths of time with nary a thought of the laundry I should be doing.


PS: I'm also sorry (and not sorry at all) for the Thin Mint disappearing act.

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon a list of unfortunately appealing kindle books that were on sale.  I only mention unfortunate so it seems that I am sorry, because my list of to be read books is growing at a rapid rate.  I did manage to read seven books in January, which is probably more than I managed to read the whole first half of last year.  My favorites of the month were:

Everything, Everything was a very light and quick read.  Small Great Things was quite the opposite and still has me thinking about it. 

Last weekend was crammed with various adventures - the girls each had a turn with their daddy for their annual father/daughter dance.

There have been so many changes since their first dances, but they still look at their daddy the same way.  It's such a special tradition, and I hope they cherish it forever.

This year, we added a dance performance for Ruby to the weekend, which made things a little bit complicated.  Could we all just stop and have a moment of silence for tiny Ruby?  I cannot believe how much she has grown, as a kid, and as a dancer.  She told me she was nervous to perform, but she did SO good.  I dropped Luca off with my sister and hardly knew what to do with myself as I sat in the audience and enjoyed every single second of it without chasing or wrestling a crazy two year old.

Sunday rolled around and brought church.  That was the end of the productivity.  My sister came over and we binged on Netflix and pho as if we didn't have anything better to do.

Oh, I did manage to cut Eisley's hair.  This kid.  Once she gets an idea into her head, there's no hope of ever prying it from over eager little mind. 

The nostalgic side of me desperately wanted to hang onto this hair, because we have been working on growing any significant amount for nearly six years now (!!).  The rational, 5 minutes late side of me knew this would be a blessing of time and patience.  The thing is she would brush her hair halfway, all the way around and said she couldn't reach the rest.  So then she had this...bird's nest which resulted in morning drama.  So, goodbye six inches.  By the time you reappear, may Eisley's arms have grown so we can brush our hair without tears and stomping. 

 In an effort to not be so governed by a lengthy to do list, I have generally used my mornings with Luca as a slow start to the day.  I enjoy this time with him so much, and lately, I think even more.  He has grown a lot as a little person lately - his vocabulary and his understanding.  We can have conversations and set up an elaborate train route.  I love the way he hears trains outside and yells,"Hear that?  COME ON!" as he pulls me to the window to watch.

 This week, I did manage to finish up our recipe organization, I filed away keepsakes, and I enrolled the girls for school next year (third grade?!  hold me.)  I also managed to sneak away for some much needed friend time to celebrate a sweet friend's birthday the best way that we know how - reality television and bacon wrapped lil smokies.  It's how I know I'm old now - I go to these things and then spend the next 4 days catching up on sleep.

I am going to IF: Gathering with my friend Erin this weekend which I am SO excited about.  And having ZERO care about the superbowl this weekend means one thing: friends and food.  The end.

Happy February and Happy Weekend!

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