Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clubbin with a Carseat

What is it about snow that just makes me sleepy? It's been a dreary, grey day outside and we've had the Food Network on all day as background noise. Somehow time slipped away from me as Ruby and I laid down and drifted off to dreamland. We laid in bed at 4:00 and didn't wake up until after 7:00! We did get up earlier than I had anticipated due to another puke episode. And you guessed it! All from that goofy gag reflex making her puke right after she ate. Stupid pacifier.

We didn't get to bed until late last night because we were out. Not together (in fact, we were all in different places), but we weren't to bed until about 1:00. What, you didn't hear that I went out on the town with a carseat in tow?

Today wasn't a total waste (though I spent entirely too much time surfing the internet), but I still have lots to get done. As soon as the husband gets home from basketball, I have got to finish some planning for this week. I figured I was allowed to be a bum today after all that I accomplished yesterday! I was pretty proud of all that I got done with it just being me and the snuggly one.

The new and improved way to do dishes.

And to think that just a year ago she was conceived. I'll spare you the details. Where is the pause button?!

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