Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I am obsessed.

This is the sweetest boy.  His long-lashed blue eyes, his milky breath, the way he likes to hold my hand.  The snuggliest, handsomest little love.

The way his hair is disheveled after a night of sleeping in a tiny hat.  

His itty-bitty stretches and the accompanying wrinkled faces.

The way he keeps his hands beneath his chin to sleep.

The way he still fits perfectly on my chest, so scrunched up still.

His button nose and his perfect little ears.

Oh, my sweet Luca.  May you always know how much we absolutely adore you.

The love these two have for him is something I can't describe - they show it in different ways, but they are crazy about him.  And they both share my appreciation for good boy fashion.

Life is good.  So, so good.  I'm sorting through pictures and the birth story in my head.  Some day, I will share it.  As it turns out, life didn't stop for baby #3 and when things are slow, I'm busy soaking up his tiny baby snuggles while he's still so squishy and sleepy.

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