Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Eisley

Doodle Bug,

Three months today.  One fourth of a year.  Ninety-two days old.  In just twenty-three more days, it will have been one year since I found out about your existence.  What a crazy ride this year has been.  Crazy, but lovely.

Your little personality keeps revealing deeper parts of itself, and it's so fun to see how different you and Ruby are.  I love that the two of you don't really favor each other in terms of looks or personality - you both are so special and unique.

You are quite the Momma's girl lately; you would prefer that I let you eat and eat.  And eat and eat.  With snuggles in between.  No one else makes you quite as happy.  I cherish these moments, because I know it will be soon that I have two girls with their daddy (tightly wrapped around their fingers) watching Sports Center and drinking coffee.

My favorite time with you continues to be morning when we snuggle on the couch while Ruby still sleeps.  You are talking so much - you make the cutest conversation, and I could listen to your soft baby giggles and gurgles for hours.

You think the world of your big sister.  You will stop whatever you are doing to find her voice.  She loves to sing for you and to comfort you when you are unhappy.  In return, you give her all of your giggles.  I am so excited to watch the two of you grow up together - I hope you will be the best of friends.

You have decided you hate the car.  And unless someone will hold your pacifier in while gently rubbing the bridge of your nose, you will scream for the entire trip.  You feel similarly about being put down to entertain yourself.

You are quite busy for being so immobile.  You try so hard to sit up and look at the things going on around you.  You love to be rocked, and generally you will only tolerate sitting if there is lots of back and forth motion involved.  You would certainly prefer to walk around and look at everything around you.

Your day consists of a lot of eating and cat naps in between.  You are much happier if I can lay you down in your own bed for you to get a solid, two hour nap.  You sleep through the night, and have since you were brand new - I am so thankful for the sleep!  You like to sleep on your tummy because you have a rather intense startle reflex.  That in combination with how light you sleep makes for risky business around nap time.  If I hold you as you cat nap, you sleep much better swaddled or with a blanket over your face.

You are one precious baby girl and you mean the world to us!  I can't wait to see more of your sweet personality unravel.  For now, I want to soak up your sweet baby smell, your balding little head, your double chin, your sweet baby noises, and the way you look at your sister with such awe.

I love you, sweet girl!



Unknown said...

What a doll! The picture of her on her belly is adorable! You take amazing pictures!

P.S. I absolutely love the headband you have on her! Did you make it?

leanne said...

She's getting so big! Can't wait to see her again. It's hard to believe a year ago we were getting kicked out of a cab for trying to go the wrong direction:) Great photos.

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