Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 and life lately

 I know of several people that choose a single word in place of a lofty list of resolutions.  I like this idea, and support my one word with various personal (small) goals.  I like having one word as a theme, and a gentle reminder for the course of the year.  I wouldn't have said my word was blatantly obvious on New Year's Eve, but as the days have gone by in January, I have had a continuous reel of thoughts revolving around it.

For myself, for my children, for my husband.  For my friends, for my imperfect home, for the piles of laundry I didn't get around to, the goals I didn't quite accomplish.  For the rude stranger, for the mistakes that happen every day.  For my imperfect self, for my lack of ability (and desire) to spread myself in every possible direction.

I have been thinking a lot lately about way I want my life to look.  How it looks to balance serving others and serving my family, to be able to say no and not feel an ounce of guilt over it.  A friend just posted this last night, and it resonated so deeply with me, as it so accurately summed up my thoughts.

Here's to peace and the knowledge that we are enough this year.  Even when we say no to others.  An unapologetic approach about the place we are in life. Grace.


 so thankful for the quiet moments we had over Christmas break.  Luca is in a really fun stage where I can't leave the room - thank goodness for the ergo.

 We had Christmas at my dad's this month - the Hatchimals were a huge hit.

One night, Eisley had already been tucked into bed.  She came downstairs and told Jimmy she just wanted to dance with him.  One doesn't say no in a situation like this.  Thankful for these little precious moments and that my kids get to have such an amazing daddy.

21 months apart--oh, my heart.

I'm on a mission to find THE BEST DOUGHNUT RECIPE.  So far, I haven't found it.  There have been some delicious ones, but either they aren't quite right or they are good and don't keep.  It's on my short list of goals for the year.  Share if you have this golden secret!


 And a couple of little things I don't want to forget:

Luca has this toy lizard - one of those ones that feels cringe-worthy.  The other day, I stepped on it and thought I was going to die, before I realized what it was.  Anyway, he has taken to placing whatever parts of his meals he doesn't wish to eat inside of its mouth.  Thank goodness, they have been found quickly.

The other night, I went to my friend Erin's house for a shameful night of The Bachelor and junk food (sanity reset!). When I got home, I was in Eisley's room laying out clothes and kissing her goodnight.  As I was finding something inside of her drawers, I looked at her sweet little notebook laying on top of the dresser.  She has had this notebook for a few months now, and she carries it around and writes as she feels inspired.  I began flipping through it and promptly had to leave the room as not to wake her.  I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face.  One of my favorite things about the bittersweet passing of time is that I have always been able to find something that makes that age my favorite.  I love the innocence as she figures out how to write and read.  Her notebook is full of so many random things.  One of these days, I'll tell her it's too full and she needs a new one, at which time, I will tuck it away to bring smiles later.

 I had no idea she was in the marines or else I would have been sending care packages and encouraging letters.  She has evidently taken up a little bit of Spanish, and she finds her brother to be funny while she remains appropriate.  And bodacious?  No words.

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