Thursday, November 3, 2016

post election

Basically, I'm positive that the recipe for the election hangover today is friends, family, chips & salsa, and probably cookies.  Possibly wine and corny jokes, too.  I can't get over the hateful nature of everything on social media, and I hope that we can all see this as an opportunity to come together as a nation that, at its core, loves people, opportunity, and equality.  We can't count on a leader to fix the problems, but we can all begin in our relationships.  And let us all sing HALLELUJAH! that the horrific commercials are over.


In other news from my happy little corner of the world - my house looks like an episode of hoarders, the bags beneath my eyes have crossed into oversized luggage territory, and there is not enough coffee in the world to make me not feel tired at this point.  We close on our old house tomorrow morning, which will be a tremendous weight lifted.

Our moving was put on pause briefly, while we tended to real life things - Luca's birthday, family in town, and then Halloween. 

Oh, and also this little project that began under the influence of wine and friends, where we just, you know, USED POWER TOOLS and stuff to build a bench in the kitchen.  Someone honestly should have been filming.  There were times where it was not funny in the slightest, but now I look back at some of the way it all unfolded and just laugh my head off at the most random times.

It was well worth the stress and disapproving looks of the men at Lowe's.  Now we just need a table.  And how precious is my grandma with her frappucino?!

 It is SO special that my grandma got to come and stay with us.  She is 85 years old and still experiencing things for the first time - like handing out candy on Halloween.  


It's so funny to think of the turn our lives took this year.  Four months ago, we were not even considering moving.  It was on the list of long term goals, but not in the foreseeable future. And then we fell in love, made our lives absolutely crazy in what is probably the worst time of the year for us, and somehow we survived.

I am so thankful.  Tired and busy, but thankful.

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