Thursday, November 3, 2016


It seems the years pass and my blogging frequency declines in a predictable manner.  And really, as the years have passed, I have acquired more little people, less time, and more activities that vie for my attention.

I'm reaching this point in what may have been considered a blogging identity crisis in combination with the lack of time, and I'm realizing that despite what the world may deem boring and plain - I miss the simple moments of documenting my day to day.

I know there have been undocumented periods with promises of regularly blogging.  This has been my longest blogging hiatus in eight years.  I'm going with the notion of forcing something until it becomes a habit.

My life has been far from boring since the last time, I stared at this blank page.  We sold our house, bought a new one, planned a vacation, took various trips, and my baby turned two.

I'm dumping family pictures off here with the promise that I'll be back...this week.  I know that soon these days that seem long will become the shortened years, and the little things will get washed away in a blur of motion.  I want to lock those little things away in the safest place - to relive on a later day when they have been forgotten or dulled by the passing of time.

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