Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy Birthday, Eisley!

To my sweet, sweet girl--

Eisley, you turn FIVE today!  I always imagine you to be about 18 months old, so as you could imagine, this seems quite shocking to me.  It's funny to imagine you then and imagine you now - some things are different, some things are very much the same, but it has been such a blessing to watch you blossom!

You came into this world and let everyone know how devastated you were over your eviction; you continue you make sure your opinions are heard, loud and clear, but you are more discreet around strangers.

Recently, you got a hole in your jeans at school, and I asked you about it.  Hours later, you said, "I can't stop worrying about this hole in my jeans!"  It was such a humorous, reflective moment for me because in that moment, I thought to myself "She is ME!" I have always known you and I are programmed very similarly, it makes parenting you fairly easy because I know how I am!  

You have the funniest facial expressions - most recently added to your repertoire, the eyebrow raising.  You pick up expressions and you still have your way of saying certain things (father/daughter dance will always be known as The Chicken Dance in our house), and I also happen to really love "swanwich."

You love to write and tell stories.  You love arts and crafts, and you love barbies.  You love tiny little objects that are easy to hoard in your collection of bags.  You love princesses and have a special place in your heart for stuffed animals.  Hundreds of them.

You also really love all animals, particularly horses, dogs and cats.  You just recently changed your future job dreams to veterinarian!

You are really easy to please and could easily entertain yourself with the simplest of things.  As long as there are snacks nearby - you ask for a snack approximately 189 times every single day.

I worried a little bit about making you a middle child, but you have taken the role and made it so perfectly fitting for you.  You love to play with Ruby, you are okay to play by yourself, and you are the best big sister to Luca!  You are such a great compliment to both of them.

You told me you could never stop growing even though I asked otherwise, and that you were most excited to turn five so maybe you could loose a tooth!

You love our family movie nights, you also love to watch Peppa Pig and Max and Ruby.  You enjoy playing Candy Land and we often have to search your collections of little things for the pieces.

You close out each day with your question quota met - somewhere in the 200s.  You keep me accountable for promises I made two years ago, and I love that about you!

I can't believe you are five today, it seems surreal and impossible.  It has been such an honor to be your mama for the last five years - the growth, the laughs, the love.  You are impossibly cute and so hilarious. 

We love you to the moon!


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