Thursday, February 11, 2016

the nose saga continues

The nose situation.

I had the bump in my nose surgically removed yesterday and I severely underestimated the accompanying pain.  On a scale of 1-10, it was a strong I'm probably going to die.  Seriously, had nose job ever been on my bucket list, it most certainly wouldn't be now.  Childbirth would have been preferred.  And the way that I can't move my mouth now - I'll probably keep botox off of my list too. And if I said that to you in person, it would sound like: "I'll frolly keet votox off of vy list too."  And then I would let my drink spill out of my mouth because I can no longer drink from a cup now, either.  I'm classy like that.

On a serious note, I am waiting for the pathology results, and hopefully this will be the last I deal with this situation.  It's scary to hear your doctor tell you that he has been in his line of work for a very long time and he has no clue what it might be.  Trust is something I'm working on.  That, and patience.  And not googling.  I'm ready to close this chapter of scary thoughts that interrupt my daily life.

I have been absolutely blown away with countless thoughtful messages that have just poured in.  Thoughts and prayers and requests to bring dinner and take kiddos.  I have the sweetest friends - friends I don't feel like I deserve, but I just feel empowered with their presence and their thoughtfulness.


I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but Luca has had what I have suspected as a dairy sensitivity for months now.  It has been very obvious to me for many months, I think it became a conscious thought when he began eating table food.  He has been tested and is not actually allergic, but upon the doctor's advice, I took him off of absolutely every trace of dairy for two weeks to ensure it was indeed that (it was, he was a new kid).  This week, I have allowed him to eat some of it.  His sleeping is back to worse than newborn status.  So, we're done with that for quite awhile.

he may be cute, but there is no one cute enough to make up for regular all nighters.

The girls and Jimmy continued their tradition of father/daughter dances - it was Ruby's fourth year to go!  I hope they will continue this tradition long into the teenage years.  I hope they will always look up to him with such adoring smiles.  I hope they will always know how much he cherishes them, and that they find someone else who does the same. 

That's it (oh, and the baby shower - success! Details to come) - waiting on nose results, waiting for the pain to disappear, and trusting God that all will be well.

So many thanks to my unbelievable friends that have loved on me through a scary time!

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