Monday, February 1, 2016

embrace the chaos and some nose drama

I always imagine January to be this beautiful, calm month - the hustle and bustle over, life slowed down, probably sipping coffee while taking in the snowy landscape.  But not so snowy that life is complicated.

Here we are, January is over, and I feel like it mostly put me in a blender, turned it on and laughed its head off at me.  We started the year with a bloody bang - my nose wouldn't stop bleeding.  And it has done nothing but cause me issues since.  I have seen three doctors who are all equally perplexed, and I'm waiting for my insurance to approve the surgery to have it removed and sent to pathology.  I'm not thrilled at the circus this has been, but there is something slightly humorous about it all.

The schools became extra needy with various projects in January - costumes and family photo requests, show and tell, all about me posters.  KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION (I can't even.)

And so much of this sprung up when I decided on a road trip with my little elmo-loving companion.  So a quick and simple road trip turned out to be an array of lists and instructions, followed by texting reminders to go hunt for various costume pieces.  And trial hairdo options for the husband to do his best at not sending tiny hobos to school while I was away.

Ruby asked for a sewing machine for Christmas and Aunt Sara and Uncle Phil delivered - I was so excited at this being on her wishlist.  This is a hobby that I can get behind!  She chose to make Luca a blanket for her first project, and has since decided she is "an awesome sewer!" and has a list of projects to make for just about everyone in her life.

Sorry, Jimmy, about the fabric bills.

 just because roses from the husband and baby straw faces - not much cuter.

My grandma is set to visit this week which is a big deal and such a treat - so we decided to plan Mere's shower around her arrival.  I also have a tea and two dances to coordinate this weekend.  Maybe after that the calm comes?  Doubtful.

So yes, shower things.  I have been busy crafting and buying ruffles and tulle and such.  I'm excited for this weekend, and also so excited for this sweet baby girl to arrive!

I'm crossing my fingers for fewer obligations and I'm also learning how to prioritize my time.  It's a work in progress, so for now, I'm embracing the chaos.

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