Wednesday, September 23, 2015

dear Luca

to our little prince charming,

I don't know how in the world this is it - the last big month before you turn ONE.  I may be calculating your age in months until you are 18, because I can't understand how this has happened.  You are weighing in at 20.4 pounds and you are 28.25 inches tall (20th and 12th percentiles).

I'm mostly shocked that you aren't walking at this point!  You stood up and cruised so early, I thought for sure we would have hit that milestone at this point.  You got very brave last week and took six steps, so more trouble is right around the corner.  I can't imagine the madness we are in for when this all comes together for you.  And I think we need to actually baby proof this time around.

Your sleeping has been the best this month, but it remains all over the place.  Two nights this week, you were up for the day at 5:00 am and I very nearly died.  Last night, you slept for twelve hours solid, and I feel like I could probably rule the world with another night or two of that sort of sleep.

You had a well baby check up this month; the doctor got quite a kick out of you and your ways.  She tried to check your eyes with her light, and you squinted so tightly, she couldn't check a thing!

You have five teeth, very close to six (fourth one is coming in on the top). This is a different teething pattern than Ruby and Eisley, so we'll see where the next one pops up.  The third and fourth bottom ones don't seem to be anywhere close yet.

You are quite the entertainer and love to make your sisters laugh.  You also chime in with your funny little giggles when you hear others laughing.

This month has been really fun to watch you soak up the world around you.  You know that the remote turns the fan/lights on, you are very into mimicking sounds and actions.  You love to give kisses and hugs (just laying your head down), play peekaboo,  and you also can do TOUCHDOWN!  The girls have taught you to RAWWWR and you do it right back to them.

Your little vocabulary has just taken off.  You say: go, dog, hi, yeah, boo, and some variation of thank you.  You can sign for "milk" and "more" and we are working on your manners.

Despite the not walking part, you are so, so busy.  I have had to give up an actual portion of myself - the germaphobe - because I just can't contain you.  You crawl across floors that make me nauseous to think about.  I think it may be a preparation of what the path looks like ahead.  Yikes!

You love to play with toys (and things that aren't toys) as long as you can stop by for a snuggle and you can see me at all times.  I try to enjoy this part, because I know those days aren't forever.  I like that you can stop exploring to love on me, and that you need it to be comforted.

Birthday preparations are under way.  I hardly know how to process that.  The last eleven months have been the fastest year of my entire life.   I don't know what our future holds, and I certainly never envisioned life with you, but I can't imagine life without you.  This crazy, wonderful, adventure of life was made so much sweeter with you!

We love you more than words can say!


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