Sunday, August 23, 2015

dear luca

my luca love,

You aren't so little anymore; very toddler-ish and very busy.  You aren't quite walking, but you are getting close - you can push your toy across the room and you can stand unassisted for lengthy amounts of time. You weigh 20.2 pounds (26th percentile) and you are 28 inches tall (17th percentile).

Your tooth tally is up to four, almost five.  The third one on the top is about to break through.  Your second top front tooth came through with a bit of drama - a blister, which should be unsurprising since you have been throwing us for loops since day one.  Thankfully, that has resolved and your tiny teeth look great!  The biting, however, has been a battle.  I'm hoping when your teeth stop hurting that you will stop because I think we all may have scars at the end of this.

We had a good run with the makeshift living room barricades.  You just climb right over them, so we now rearrange furniture each morning in order to keep you contained.  You have had a good amount of fits over your frustration at this - also a new development.  You also have started voicing your displeasure at being unable to explore in various public places (mostly gymnastics and ballet; both floors crawling with things I can only imagine).

You are still really attached to me; I still make mad dashes with my head ducked behind things to avoid being caught (and subsequently yelled at).  You mostly spend your days attached to me and I love that - I sneak away to make meals and do laundry, and much to your horror, to take showers.

You have really started "talking" this month - a lot of conversational sounding babbles.  You definitely say GO!  And I'm fairly certain you have said - hi, hello, and yeah - but I can't get you to repeat them much.  You have babbled many other syllables (ma and da both made the list, but they are without meaning so far).  You can sign more - we're slowly working on some other basic ones.

And in typical little boy fashion (I'm only assuming), you find it hilarious for me to tell you that you stink.  "Gross!" sends you into hysterical fits of giggles.

Your sleep has been better (knock on ALL THE WOOD), and you seem to have accepted riding in the car (which we do a lot of).  You take two really great naps each day, and you go to bed between 8 and 9.  I usually take these breaks to tip-toe run through the house accomplishing various things that are impossible while you are awake.  You always wake up with a sleepy, sweet smile - ready to snuggle for a minute, and then you're off to explore where you left off before your nap.

Life sure is crazy with you here, but we couldn't imagine it any different with our sweet, smiley, little entertainer.  We are all so crazy about you!

You recently tried spaghetti and loved it.  I loved the fistfuls of noodles and your slurping noise with your proud smile. 

I love you to the moon!!


getting this picture was a huge circus/wrestling match/joke - whatever you would like to say.  Hence your displeased expression and the toy car I bribed you with.

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