Thursday, July 23, 2015

dear luca

sweet boy,

Here it is, a big milestone of sorts - at least in my head.  Nine months.  You have been in our family on the outside for the same amount of time that I was pregnant with you, back when I was pregnant for twelve million years (tomorrow, will be the exact same duration: 39 weeks, 1 day).  You weigh in at 19.2 pounds (23rd percentile).

I have started looking at themes for your big birthday bash.  This can't be happening!

You are all over the place - I guessed 10 months for walking, so we'll see how this all plays out.  You are quick at crawling and now play that really funny game of crawling at impressive rates of speed when I tell you I am after you.

It took foreveeeer, but your first top tooth finally broke through a few days ago.  When it comes to sleep, all bets have been off the table for the last several weeks.  And it just so seems that you take your best naps when we are late to get somewhere.  Naps have strengthened my ninja rolling to Olympic-level perfection.

You love to eat, and I don't think we have discovered anything you won't eat.  Recently, you stole a rather strong raw onion off of my plate and ate the whole thing!  You love pasta and watermelon quite a bit, and you recently tried a lemon, a pickle, homemade pizzas, and strawberries.

You learned to clap this month, and you can now clap on command.  It's so fun to watch you process verbal cues - we are working on some sign language now, too.  You mimic the screaming your sisters do and you can RAWR!  You have been experimenting with your voice and babbling with various syllables.

Some of my favorite things about you -

the smiles, all the time.  Even through the whining.

The way you bury your head into me when someone talks to you, still smiling.

The way you take your best naps at the pool.

The way you light up when you hear your sisters.

The way you open your mouth when I take a drink or a bite of food.

Your chubby, chubby feet.

My very thing about you is your sense of humor.  You know you are funny, and you enjoy making people laugh.  You hear laughter and add your own sweet little laugh into the mix.

You seem to be our first baby that we think twice about outings with - I have never seen someone so busy and so curious, which evidently makes sitting in high chairs (and grocery carts, and on laps) extraordinarily painful because you can't stand the thought of missing anything in the world around you!

You have been such an amazing addition to our family - life seems so different now, and so completely perfect!  We are so crazy about you, and blessed to watch you grow!

Love you to the moon!


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