Tuesday, June 2, 2015

real life

It has been weeks since Luca has slept well.  My mind feels like mud and my patience is low - not a great way to start out the summer, and most especially the summer where I feel like I'm making up for last year's lost summer (also known as: the summer I spent in bed thanks to pregnancy).

Yesterday, after another horrible night, I wrote down the nitty gritty details of Luca's day.  I still am not sure, but I hope I have pinned it to tummy troubles which aren't uncommon for him.  And the timeline of recent, not - coincides with the introduction of solid foods.  Every nap was fought, and seemed less than worth it at a whopping forty minutes each.  My nerves were frazzled and I felt like a failure.  My baby was unhappy and I didn't know why, my other kids received unfair portions of a short temper that stemmed from frustration and exhaustion.  Bed time came and went that left me with a messy house, a mystery rash, a mosquito bite that would swell my eye shut, and a lot of regrets. I may have entertained the idea of a solo hotel stay. 

Last night, he had probiotics right before bed, slept until 5 this morning, ate and went back to sleep.  Can you hear the angels singing?  My mind was made of HALLELUJAHs at just 11:30 last night when he had been sleeping for two hours in which I did my best imitation of a statue, not daring to move.

I spent quiet time with coffee, uninterrupted breakfast, my bible, and some mom inspiration this morning while my kids all played together and my baby wasn't screaming for me.  I feel renewed, grateful for little victories, and inspired to allow mom guilt to be a thing of yesterday.

little moments that bring joy.

My house is clean, I'm armed with encouragement (and coffee, of course), my kids are happy and loved.  Today is a new day, and one that offers forgiveness and grace.  I will love my family, savor the moments and know that I'm not required to make up for lost time.  The world has a whole lot to offer, but inside of our little home is my favorite, safe and uncomplicated haven.

Things that have inspired me recently:

Women in the Word - I can't wait to start each morning with SRT - I have studied with them for a few years now, and enjoy the bravery, inspiration, and truth about Jesus.

Slow Parenting - I read this last weekend and caught myself saying, "Come on, hurry!" within the hour.  Savor the moments, they are all special.

Start anew, today. - I could spend hours reading her blog entries.  Meaningful, honest, and great foundations for a wholesome, family-centered life.

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