Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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The weather outside seems perfect for too much coffee, a book read cover to cover, and some DVR catchup, maybe possibly with a side of thin mints.  But I have little people which means it will probably mean too much coffee, a Disney movie, and snuggles and a thin mint in the bathroom.

It seems to give the fireplace a sense of purpose today - perhaps one last hurrah before the heat of summer settles and it's out of a job until fall.

We are rapidly winding down the school year and penciling in our summer plans.  My sister gets married at the end of this month which is highly anticipated and the reason I shouldn't be eating any thin mints.  I'm ready for the after party in which the details of florists and cake flavors and color schemes are a memory.

Yesterday, as I sat getting my hair done (which you know ranks right up there with a solo trip to Target) I thought of how many details of life haven't been penned and later become lost in the days swiftly passing.  I am in a chaotic season of life with a never-ending list of gratefulness.  I have the best friends, the sweetest family moments, entirely too much laundry and a whole list of small things that bring me smiles.  I want to remember them!

-I chopped my hair in February which was probably fairly self-explanatory with pictures.  It was nine inches and a self defense move for tiny, grabbing fingers.

-Luca got his first tooth and began crawling the weekend after he turned six months old.  He also decided to have the biggest blow out known to mom and take a tumble out of his high chair within the week - not that I want to remember that, but I will for the rest of my life.  The images in my head are still on a repeating reel and I am horrified by the idea that it could have been much worse.

-Eisley has imaginary animals that fit perfectly into the palm of her hand.  We began with very detailed descriptions of her dog: Lucy, black and pink, wore shoes, and chewed gum.  Holding Lucy with her hands cupped together began interfering with daily activities such as eating and getting dressed.  She also told me she sank in the bathtub.  Lucy hasn't been around as much lately.  But she will suddenly say things like, "Watch out for my baby tiger!" as her hands are cupped together.

-Eisley recently stumbled across a potential eternal hardship as we drove in the car.  "What if there is no food and we can't go to the park in Heaven?"  I wish that completed my list of worries.

-Ruby loves to read, and she has moved onto books that are much more difficult than the beginner books that started this adventure.  I hope she always loves it as much as she does now.  She loves to read Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons, but she often surprises me with reading a sign or a poster.

-Luca is about as charming as he could possibly be.  People stop to ask me if he always smiles (yes.) and I rarely have him if my friends are around.  He is so loved, he has no idea, and yet he always looks as though he has the world in his hands.  He is such a joy to our family.

We went to the zoo this weekend where Eisley displayed her bravery around chipmunks.  I'm positive she would have picked one up and taken it home had I not stopped her.  The girls also fed giraffes and an elephant (banana peel and all!) which was a fun experience.  We marveled at the resemblance between the baby orangutan and Luca and later discovered they are six days apart in age.  Both seemed to favor climbing, stroking faces, and pulling hair.  Mama orangutan seemed to one up me with her state of relaxation.

I recently redid my table after months of consideration.  One week before hosting a bridal shower which was great motivation and a little bit of stress.

We have decided that nice furniture will come later in life, and while this table was our favorite when we bought it, it has seen it's share of playdough, markers, and day-old yogurt.  I love end result and put less than $100 into it to spruce it up!

that time a group of mamas jumped into the pit, took a photo, and barely got out.

Here's to more documenting between the big moments, because I know one day, these memories won't be as concrete as they are now.

And more thin mint.

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