Monday, May 25, 2015

dear luca

sweet boy,

Two days late, but Aunt Moo and you have a special connection with dates.  She got engaged the 23rd and wanted to get married on the 23rd too, so we were in the middle of wedding festivities this weekend.

You are seven months old!  Very shortly after I posted your six month letter, you got your first tooth, began crawling, very sadly, took your first tumble (from your high chair - a hard lesson learned for me, the scariest moment of my life!), and started foods.  You now have two teeth and are a master at getting to where you want.  You are a wobbly sitter because there is so much to see. You are 18 pounds (31st percentile) and 27 inches long (37th percentile).

Just yesterday, we wrapped up our weekend with family and you mastered the adorable art of waving (at yourself).  You are still practicing on fans, lights, and anyone that might catch you willing to perform.

You are also making concrete connections - so fun to watch.  You can drop your pacifier, and look for it.  You can also grab it and bring it to your mouth.  You hear the girls down the hall and you are off to find them.  You know where Kirby the dog likes to lay, and you always look for him there.

People marvel at your smiles - the most common question we get about you aside from how it is with three kiddos or our first boy is Is he always this happy?  You are.  And I joke to them that you owe me after such an awful pregnancy, but the thing is - that time in my life is a blur now and it feels so right for you to fit right into our family.

Your sisters are crazy about you and the feeling is mutual.  You love to touch their faces and their hair, and you light up when you hear them near.  It's fun to watch your relationships develop differently with each of them.

We started foods this month, and it's new territory for both of us.  We ditched the pureed foods this go (your sisters never loved them) and went for the baby led weaning.  You have had apple, banana, pear, watermelon, carrot, rice, toast, tortilla, macaroni noodles, cheese, and crackers.  You are doing well at trying, and you are figuring out various textures and what to do when you get a bite in your mouth.

Favorites things at the moment: door stoppers (BOING!), sisters, dogs, walks, music, watermelon, rice, and remotes.

My favorite things at the moment: your chubby feet, wispy duck fluff hair, the way you smile always, even when whining, your snuggles, the way you turn your head in after charming someone - a little shy.

I can't believe we are closer to your first birthday than we are to your birth.  Life is an adventure with you, and you are such a treasured part of our family.  You are the sweetest, happiest baby and we are so crazy about you!

Love you to the moon and back!


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