Thursday, April 23, 2015

dear luca

mr. handsome,

Half a year.  There is a slight chance I have a mama's boy on my hands, and by slight, I mean 110%.  You are so full of personality and joy, I can hardly put it into words.  You are growing so quickly which is a bit sad, but it's thrilling to unveil the pieces of your personality as you discover new things.  You grew like a weed in a month - a wiggly baby may have played into the measurement, but you are 27 inches long (82nd percentile) and you weigh 17.2 pounds (66th percentile).  We haven't tried any solid foods yet, but you are very interested in the things that happen at the table - you sat in your first restaurant high chair this week and that was a lot more pleasant for all of us!

Gone are the days where I set you somewhere and expect to find you in the same place.  You can scoot! It's sort of a rolling/spinning/inching method that you use to get whatever you want.  If you see something you think you ought to have, you're gonna get to it and promptly put it in your mouth.  You aren't quite sitting, but are very close - you can sit for several seconds, but the distractions are cause for tumbles and plus I want you to just be little a bit longer.

Teeth - they're coming.  I expect the first one within the week - I can see it's right beneath the surface.

You have decided you have things to see, people to charm, and stuff to demolish so nap times are basically about thirty minutes of frantic catch up for me before you are discovering things again.

I went to read your sister's 6 month updates today - you are more mobile than they were, but my favorite part was discovering this was the month the fake cough made its big debut with both you and Eisley.  You and Ruby shared the tongue discovery this month.

My favorite thing about you is how excited you get to see me (or anyone else that stops to talk) - you smile almost constantly and you have smiling with a pacifier in down to an art. I also love the snuggles and just watching your little wheels turning.

You find your sisters to be amazing, probably moreso than previous months.  Your favorite game is tossing things from the high chair and bonus for me: they love to get them and give them back to you.  The wood floors are not quite so enthusiastic about the toy launching.  You also love their faces, hair, and kisses - Eisley is very concerned about your amount of drool.

Most days I still can't believe you are mine - I have a boy.  And it's so, so amazing to have someone steal your heart and fit into your family like you were always there.

I love you to the moon and stars!


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