Sunday, April 5, 2015

because He lives

 With each consecutive Easter celebration, I find myself far more emotional and grateful from the previous year.  I will never understand or grasp the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us to have hope in this broken world, but I am so thankful that He lives in me and his mercies are anew every single day.  He chose me.  And he chose you, too.

Bonus - I got to sit through an entire service in church.  Living intentionally came up, which has been a goal of sorts for the last two years.  Alongside the subject of intentionality came helpful habits that I hope to carry with me:

-be fully present (distractions aside)
- go through the open doors
-live with gratitude
-treasure relationships; pour into them
-be a lifelong learner

We're closing out an eventful, blessed weekend with a quiet night at home.  We're going to venture into the new mini series A.D. The Bible Continues where smoked gouda popcorn and baby snuggles might also be involved.  (Seriously, go buy the popcorn (the brand is Oogie's - the popcorn love moved up a level with this one.)

This handsome boy mostly watched the action for his first Easter - he did ride in the ergo for some cupcake construction, egg painting, and other preparations.  For last year's Easter celebration, the girls found dresses that would label them in their promoted sibling roles, and we told them about "the baby" for the first time.  I was terrified, excited, and incredibly nauseous.

This year, they don the labels proudly and we love on him as if we have been for years.  I can't believe the turns life takes in a short (or incredibly loooo-ooooooooong) year.  I'm thankful for these blessings and the inexpressible and glorious joy life brings.

Happy Easter!

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