Monday, March 9, 2015

Dear Eisley

Dear Eisley,

Four years old and a few days late.  Life has swallowed us up with germs and chaos in the last two weeks.  You continue to be the perfect swirl of sweet and sass - I cannot believe you are FOUR.

You love to write in journals - you draw people that look like eggs with limbs.  My most favorite portrait to date was an egg with a little egg in the belly - that was last fall.  You write your name which always makes me smile.  The E has a few extra horizontal lines.

You are losing some of your baby words as we work carefully on pronunciation of things. (favorites: "you's welcome", "noonles" (noodles), "goggeels" (googles), "Rapezpez" (Rapunzel), "cool" (school). "raccoons" (cartoons).  Your tongue tie and the fact that I don't feel any pressure to grow you up quicker than I must has left us with some cute phrases that I know will get lost with time - we love them.

You LOVE preschool.  This is such a huge relief to us, because despite being very opinionated and outspoken at home, you are very shy.  I wish I could be a fly in the wall for your mornings at school!  Your ballet teacher has told me several times that the difference in your demeanor is very obvious.

You eat more snacks than any child I have ever known, and up until Christmas time, you called them "tacks".  You are a finicky eater and would live on granola bars and cereal and noodles if I allowed it.  We added chicken to your allergy list this year after a scary couple of encounters (it joins the pitted fruits that were already there), so eating isn't an issue I like to push.  I know you get the things you need, but most of the time, I have to give my best speech to encourage a minimum number of bites.

You get very excited with new clothes and shoes - you will wear the clothes for multiple days in a row.  You also really love to carry around fistfuls of little things (ponies, little animal figures, princesses, etc) - you have bags and bags full of things like this and you always take them with you in the car.  We keep a storage box under your bed that houses such things as well.

You are still in ballet and in the second month of swimming lessons - you love both, and I have been impressed with your willingness in the water!

At four years old, your favorite things include: the color red, princesses, snacks, noodles, horses, the song Go Tell it on the Mountain, singing along with the radio, little toys, Doc McStuffins, Max & Ruby, doing things yourself, your dog Pippi, and Frozen.

At four years old, our favorite things about you include: your sweet smile and accompanying dimple, your innocent and heartfelt prayers, watching you become social with your own circle of friends, your spunk and fiery personality, your wispy, wild hair, and your sweet little bird legs.

I could never put into words how crazy we are about you - we are so thankful for your presence in our lives!

Love you to the moon, little love!


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