Monday, February 16, 2015

that time I went and got shingles

he has almost nothing to do with this entry, but he is basically irresistible.  

Look, I know how to celebrate a long weekend.  And I prepared in advance by coming down with the most awful headache last Tuesday.  I thought for sure my brain might just spontaneously combust in my sleep, and I surely lost the remainder of the brain cells.  Not that I know that because I went to an entire event at church with my bra left undone.  Thank the Lord for scarves.

One trip to urgent care last week, and I left with what I would hope would be magic for an ear infection and this wretched headache.  The ear infection is gone, but my head still feels impossibly heavy with nothing inside of it.

Countless references of brain tumors that only make Jimmy roll his eyes as I gasp and grab my head and hold back the tears that sting with the pain - they have sort of become a joke, but were also something I was pondering.  Last night, I had a date with Dr. Google and ended up really suspecting shingles.

Shingles.  What am I, 80?  And also a frequent flyer at the Target Pharmacy.  Let me tell you what - shingles vs. childbirth?  Childbirth will win any day.  I'm hoping that this medication will actually do the trick, because the axe to the head comes at the most horrible times.

So yeah, I know how to have a good time.  Feel free to ask me for ideas on what you can do to celebrate your next day off.   Perhaps slamming your fingers in the car door a couple of times.   Or maybe running across a pile of legos.  Repeatedly.


Aside from the horrible headache, it has been amazing to sit around and watch my house be destroyed over the long weekend.  I have loved the girls being home, and our littlest love is discovering that he has a mouth - and it makes noise!

The girls celebrated with their annual trip to the Father Daughter dance.  This was Ruby's third year - amazing to go and look at the differences in photos - she was close to Eisley's age here when she went for the first time!  I'm thankful for this special time they get with their daddy.

Wish me luck - we are nearing a fourth birthday,  I have decided I should probably attempt sewing about 12 projects in the hours I'm not crocheting or you know, doing life... which essentially means my house looks like it was ransacked.

Oh, and Ruby has two loose teeth.  You can find me rocking in a corner mumbling some choice words about time flying.

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