Monday, February 23, 2015

dear luca

Sweet Luca - 

Four months old!  I always say this, but I can't believe it.  We found out about you on Valentine's Day a year ago; the journey here is something I cannot possibly describe.  I feel like your sweet little face has been in my heart for a lifetime.

 I LOVE this age!  You are discovering your voice, the way your hands work, and that you have toes that wiggle.  There is a thumb-sucking situation that I find very adorable, and also like I need to sort of replace a thumb with the pacifier before we have a very difficult habit to break.

You love to roll - you can do it very easily from tummy to back, but your arm gets in your way going the other way.  Anything near your mouth or that you can grab is fair game to go straight to the mouth - your hands are there most of the time, and you seem very proud of the ability to get your pacifier in and out.

You are 24.75 inches long (55th percentile) and you weigh in at 14.75 pounds (63rd percentile) - you are smaller than your sisters were, but you are perfectly chubby and have just about doubled your birth weight at this point.

You are ticklish and so snuggly, and fairly laid back most of the time (you occasionally have a very strong opinion about the car).  You are particular about the way you go to sleep, the type of pacifiers you take, and the way you will tolerate you carseat (white noise, pacifier, vibrations, and your stuffed penguin).  You love to hold my hand, and you love to be touching me at all times.

You find your sisters to be positively magical.  I love watching you watch them, and watching the reactions you have to them singing and talking and even just playing nearby.

You still love to be worn - it's hard for you to resist the way they make you sleepy, but I love when you look up at me with your sweet baby blues; I wish I knew the thoughts in your head.

We have had a bit of sleep regression this month, but I still can't complain (you can thank your sister for that - I don't think it gets worse than Eisley's sleep habits for the first three years of her life).  You still take about 4 naps a day and while that seems like a lot of productive time for me, it doesn't happen.  you like for every part of your little body to be as close to mine as possible.  

We may be close to teeth by the time next month rolls around - I have been able to see them for over a month now, but they are still quite a bit below the surface.

I can't wait for so much more discovery with you!

We love you to the moon!


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