Friday, January 23, 2015

dear luca

Luca love,

The last remaining bits of newborn evidence have disappeared, and you are one adorably delicious baby boy with the most perfect chubby cheeks, fuzzy hair, and pretty blue eyes.  You weigh 13.5 pounds and you are 23.5 inches long (30th percentile for both); you seem so very different from the scrunchy newborn that I held not so long ago.

This month, you have started laughing.  I would probably do about anything to hear it, and sometimes you make us do just that.  Funny noises usually get you going, and once it was a tickled tummy.  You find your sisters perfectly enchanting; you smile those cheeks until I'm sure they are sore anytime you see or hear them.

You have taken interest in watching your toes and your hands have made a special appearance in your life at this point.  Aside from your hands, you love your penguin.  He makes car rides bearable (as long as the car never ever stops moving.  Ever.) and you love to bury your face in him.

(90 years and 2.5 months)

You met so many people this month.  Just last week, you snuggled with Grandpa Jack. I looked up the meaning of Jack recently - it was never a matter of meaning for us as the name holds more sentiment.  God is gracious. Chills.  That next to the meaning of Luca -bringer of light- I know you have the most perfect and fitting name.

You remain super snuggly.  You like to learn about life while moving, bouncing, or rocking.  You don't tolerate sitting still unless it's with me.  I can be productive if I wear you which is often.  Daddy wears you too and you love it.  You love to be sung to - appropriately enough, "You are my Sunshine."

At your {belated} two month appointment, you put on the charm; the dimples and the smiles so big, your eyes squint.  She said you looked amazing and remarked, "I could just eat him up!"  I so agree.  

You still nap like a tiny newborn, something I cherish for its reminders rather than the potential for productivity, since I mostly hold you while you nap.  You sleep well at night (mostly) and I love waking up to your sleepy eyes and precious smiles.

Three months of absolute joy.  You make us all smile, give thanks, and smile some more.  I hope I have a lifetime of learning about the boy you are and the one you grow up to be.

I love you to the moon and back.


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