Tuesday, December 23, 2014

dear luca

mr. love bug,

You are two months old!  You are tipping the scales at 11.8 lbs and you measure 23 inches long, which I guess makes it official that you aren't tiny anymore (you are between the 25th and 50th percentile for both).  I'm still pretending you aren't growing.

You aren't so scrunchy anymore - the lasting visual of your newborn scrunchiness lies only in your legs, usually when you sleep.  You are figuring out how to kick your legs and wave your arms, and are very rarely still while you are awake.  You still have newborn sleepiness and sleep often.  You are awake for longer periods, but you spend your days figuring out your voice, eating, and napping.  The life.

Appropriately enough for the occasion, you slept through your first Thanksgiving and looked the cutest while doing so.

This month, we had your lip and tongue ties corrected, discovered you had an umbilical hernia, and started you on probiotics to help your tummy.  The hernia basically means nothing and doesn't affect you (but your poor belly button looks a tiny bit funny), but the other two combined have fixed things that were making you fussy and you are an amazingly sweet and content baby.  I also learned the hard way that citrus is a no go for me at the moment - it makes you miserable.

You started smiling at four weeks old - early like your sister, Ruby.  You only stop smiling when I bring out the camera to capture your precious dimples.  You have laughed in your sleep once which nearly killed me - you seem very close to actually laughing and I am anxious to hear it.  Daddy and Ruby get the biggest rise out of you which seems a little unfair, but I'll let it slide (see: dimples and charm).  Just last week, Ruby got to feed you a bottle for the second time (another story for another day: your opinion on bottles, but it's the only way to get probiotics) and you found her so funny, you couldn't take your bottle with your smile in the way.

You are finding your voice and make the sweetest baby noises - I love talking to you and listening to your responsive noises.

You sleep WELL.  I hope you keep this up.  You will nap by yourself on your tummy, and you usually wake once at night (betwee 4-5 am).  You are so snuggly, it's hard to put you down, but I'm fairly certain you have already slept more than both of your sisters combined in the crib.  You would never sleep in there if it weren't for all the laundry I need to keep doing.

At two months old, I don't see as much sister resemblance.  I do believe you favor Ruby a bit more, with some Eisley expressions thrown in, but you mostly look like my sweet Luca.  You have lost so much of your hair which seems like an unfair trick!  Two babies with nearly no hair, and then I finally get a baby with hair, only for it to fall out!

You are MESSY.  You are the messiest eater and end up taking many baths because of it.  Luckily, your hatred for baths was extremely short-lived, and you seem to really enjoy them now.

And you still hate the car seat.

I love you.  I can't believe you are two months old, but life is such a joy with you - I'm ready for the milestones and the smiles and the love that is to come.

To the moon and back.



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