Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dear Luca

 To my handsome boy,

One month ago, my crazy pregnancy journey came to an end and we spent the evening snuggling the sweetest baby BOY.  And it's been a month, but it still seems so unreal.  I prayed so many prayers for you.  We spent so many times discussing who might possibly be wreaking so much havoc.  I could never have pictured you then, but now your face seems like it's been bookmarked in my heart for my entire life.

At one month old, you have started smiling in response to us.  Your smiles came over and over again at your daddy and sisters singing you "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" - there may have been squeals, smiles, tears, and a few video attempts.  I treasure these firsts and think of the yesterdays fondly with a small bit of sadness at the days gone by.

Your sleepy days are a thing of the past.  You still sleep a lot, but you are very alert in spurts.  You love to look around, and prefer to be held upright so that you can see.  You are a decent sleeper at night, sleeping 3-5 hours at a time.  This is slightly more to be expected than the five hours stretches you did for the first two weeks.  No swaddles as it restricts your hands, and you seem to be the most comfortable in gowns with a blanket around you (away from your arms and face).

You tip the scales at 9.4 lbs (10-25th percentile) and are 21 inches long (10th percentile).  I feel like I watch you grow each morning!

You reserve a very small part of your day to be without touching me.  I usually spend those moments running around like a maniac to get the essential things accomplished.  This idea you have makes riding in the car a very stressful business.  White noise and hand-holding has a small chance of convincing you that you aren't in fact being tortured, and then my sanity has already been stolen by the impossibility of hearing anything except for blaring white noise.  I left you for the first time to go to bible study this month.  When I got home, the house was dark and quiet, but your daddy said to me, "I couldn't put him down all night.  I had to do everything one-handed!"

That about sums up my days with you.

The first month held your first Halloween, your first bath (the maddest I have ever seen you!), your first movie (Big Hero 6), and a whole host of others.

I can't believe I get to write more love letters.  As you are stretched out across my legs, making your sweet baby noises, I can't help the emotional storm.  I don't know how this beautiful life is mine, and the realization that I have only known you for a month is astounding.  Motherhood is funny that way.

Thirty-one days and a lifetime to go.  I am blessed to call you mine, to watch you grow, to hold your precious little hands in mine.  We love you more than you could ever imagine.



{1 month}

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