Saturday, September 20, 2014

yellow, crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice.

She still calls me mama. 

 A consolation prize alongside the growth she has done in the last several months.  I love this age.

 One thing the last two weeks has brought (that I am not in love with) - the idea that shiny floors which happen to reside in most places we need to go at least weekly (Ahem, TARGET.)  will swallow her whole.  This leads to stammering, snail-walking, dramatic falling, and copious amounts of sweat for me.  It also leads to stares, as I get on the floor with her and knock on it, letting her know it's entirely whole, the shine is a reflection from the lights above.

She has taken full advantage of my melty mama heart with new bedtime stalling tactics - "I want to feel the baby!"  So she climbs into my arms, and we poke baby until it pokes back and Eisley laughs and laughs.

I'm doing weird things like pantry organizing and standing on my head to fight specks of dust in the most obscure places.  We are 34+ weeks, and according to the doctor, baby has been reading the text books.  Baby is head down and measuring right on.  By far my wiggliest little peanut, I am so curious about the life that grows within me.  My appointments for the remainder of the pregnancy are scheduled and I am under strict instruction to have my things ready in the next two weeks.  I'm starting to revisit that old notion where I planned a closet full of handmade baby things and a freezer full of meals.  I usually revisit these thoughts at 3 am as the heartburn starts its party.

We are spending our days in the comfortable arms of fall.  My baking desires have returned, full-fledged, and my freezer is filling with treats.  The vibrant leaves are a tangible reminder of the extra love that is in store for us this fall.  The pumpkin spice lattes pale in comparison, but given my limited intake, I cherish those too.

{39 days}

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