Monday, September 15, 2014

boy or girl?

There is something about pregnancy that cancels out appropriate social cues and personal space requirements.  I still have trouble deciding how to respond to people when they ask questions about it - like, do they really want to know?  Pregnancy isn't a tidy little package, wrapped up nicely and tied pretty.  And also, I'm basically as pleasant to be around as a cat caught in a rainstorm, so...there's that to consider.

I knew it would happen with this pregnancy, people are predictable.  It's nearly as irritating as the people that have all the knowledge about curing "morning sickness."  We have two girls, and we are having a third which can only mean one possible thing: we must be trying and hoping for a boy.  I'm not exactly sure how you try for one specific gender, and to be completely honest (cliche or not), the hopefulness ends after the statement: We are hoping for a healthy baby.

The way eyes light up when people discover the difference in this pregnancy, the text messages that have been fired our way hoping for a boy on our behalf.  It's unclear to me why strangers and friends alike are so vocal about their hopes for us, but I am always quick to tell them that we aren't waiting for our boy.

I'm mostly waiting to be done being pregnant.

But really.  The kicks and rolls that come from this little one, the hiccups, it's sweet little profile ultrasound shot that serves as an incentive every time I walk through my kitchen. I know that whoever is in there is the perfect addition for our family.  The puzzle piece.  The meant to be.  We aren't crossing our fingers and holding our breath for a boy, and we won't be disappointed with a girl.

I don't ever want this baby to feel less than or like it was the long-awaited one.  What I do know is this baby is so unbelievably loved.  The girls are ready to bake it a birthday cake and they talk about a future with a baby all the time.  I have so much peace knowing that this baby has been planned for our family long before I had any plans for a family.  And we will be positively thrilled with either.

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