Sunday, August 31, 2014

it's fall and I'm still chasing time.

It's fall, y'all.  The pumpkin spice tells me so.  I have also seen a handful of crunchy, yellow leaves, and let's be honest about the wardrobe situation: the tank tops are being put up.  Not necessarily because they are inappropriate choices with the weather, but mostly because my belly hangs out the bottom.

Oh, the longing for boots and twenty degrees cooler.

And also a sweet, sweet baby.


A summary of the things that have happened in our house in the last few weeks:

Ruby is through two complete weeks of school.  I am approximately 95% mama bear versus the 210% I was at the start.  Fine, it's like 195%.

Jimmy attempted to ruin the most favorite thing in our house - our granite counters.  FYI - if you ever leave fruit to leak their beautiful, colored juices all over the counter and find yourself wanting to go fetal position and sob over it, follow these instructions.  It's GONE.

Eisley is allergic to chicken.  Her allergist was surprised at the results (not common), I was not.  I'm left figuring out the divorce process for a crock pot, because seriously, what is life without chicken and its 1,001 recipe options in the slow cooker?

I have an almost hernia.

I have felt baby hiccups approximately 136 times.

I am down to 59 days left with a side of ohmygoshhowamInotreadyaftereverythingthispregnancybroughtme?!

Christmas shopping happened.  Oh yes it did.

I have consumed an embarrassing amount of mentos and pringles.  Not together, but equally shameful amounts.

and some isms for good measure:

One day, during the first week of school, I asked Ruby if she had learned a bible verse, and she told me quite excitedly, "Yes!  Keep your hands to yourself."

She also told me she had taken a test at school.  I asked her what the test was about, and she said, "Not to look at your friend's paper."

Before going to the baseball game, we asked Eisley what her favorite part was (thinking the answer would be peanuts or cotton candy).  She said, "When it's over."

Earlier this week, Jimmy told Eisley to stop standing on her chair at the dinner table because it wasn't a safe choice.  She went into a very serious rant/speech and said, "Then I will fall off and bonk my head and go to be with Jesus and never see my family again."  Jimmy and I sat there, staring stupidly at one another and Ruby burst into tears.  Bless her.


I think that's about all since the last time I could manage to type out brain vomit.  You're up to speed.

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