Sunday, July 6, 2014

to remember.

The shreds of motherhood that elicit the most heart-warming feelings and smiles.  The ones that I know will fade, despite them being my favorites.

The way I can watch tiny baby parts move across my belly.  The minute I start to believe I haven't felt baby in a little while; I poke, baby moves.

The way princess songs have become the soundtrack to our lives.  I would estimate a modest 879 times a day that we hear these songs; sometimes in the car, but mostly just out of nowhere the tune is belted through their sweet little mouths.


and the way that sleep comes in the summer: fast and heavy.  I'm also quite fond of the way Eisley requests to "tuggle" and Ruby requests to feel the baby before giving into the sleep.  It's unbelievably special that they still fit right beside me, and nestled in the middle is someone that is such a mystery, and yet so treasured.

days at the pool, which aren't exactly relaxing, despite their outward appearance.  Also, it's risky business asking a 3 and 5 year old to cover your back in sunscreen.  The two of them, however, look delightfully sun-kissed.  

The way time feels impossibly still and yet I don't have the energy or enough non-sick days to accomplish the things I wish.  It's a gentle reminder about how fleeting things are - I'm sick and tired because I'm growing life.  And that's something to smile about, despite the feelings that accompany it.

 this happens randomly and I eat it up.  Can't believe they are mine sometimes.

Thousands of questions.  Every single day.

The way Eisley begs for showers and baths multiple times a day, only to sit in there and be entertained by nothing other than princesses, foam sea creatures, and pouring cups of water back and forth.

The way ice cream and hot fudge punctuate summer days.  And the excitement right beside it.

The messages from friends that I get daily; things about motherhood, special people checking on me, and such a feeling of love.  

Motherhood is the hardest and sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. These moments are so swiftly flying by, it's hard to completely absorb them.

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