Wednesday, July 23, 2014

broken things and other realizations.

I am doing 876 loads of laundry today.  And I am most excited about it.  Laundry and I have never been friends, but take away the possibility of clean clothes for two weeks, and I think I would be willing to do shameful things for the washer to be available again.

I'd love to run into the author of Murphy's Law While Husbands are Away.  In a dark alley, pregnant self and all.  Hole in the tire, washer quit life, rotten chicken, a sick child, and the always-possible case of the axe murdered lurking in the closet.

I can feel summer slipping through my fingers - something that rings happy thoughts of fall (and BABY!) in my mind, but also a bit of sadness about the things we haven't gotten around to, and the way time continues to run.  The beginning of school is around the corner; last minute activity cramming has begun.

In other (most exciting and definitely celebratory ice cream worthy) news - we are in DOUBLE DIGITS.  Twenty-six weeks.  The fact that August is right around the corner, leaving just a month in between right now and due date month makes me reel with a whole string of emotions.  Mostly a mix of ohmygoshbabyiscoming! and ohmygoshbabyiscoming! But really, I feel like I have a billion things left to do, preparing my mind for a teeny newborn, and then there's the scary things that run through my mind.  I am also going to be unbelievably excited to be un-pregnant and un-nauseous.

In the meantime, the to-do list holds: baby things, the best of friends, school preparation (someone, hold me.), and soaking up the rest of the summertime sunshine with my coppertone babies.

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