Thursday, June 5, 2014

so, here I am, still sick.

I'm sitting here cautiously wondering if perhaps the people that work for the looney bin will be stopping in my driveway.  I'm sure my husband and children would happily hand me over, and I'm sure they drive a perfectly nice white van of questionable nature, but I'd rather stay here.

Bless the sweet soul of a nurse that took my phone call today.  I sunk beneath rock bottom - plummeted right through, actually.  Jimmy called me to ask about groceries and I burst into tears.  I have been in bed plagued with debilitating nausea for days, and evidently the grocery list was the last straw.

I have tried to fight this morning sickness for 15 weeks now (!!!) to no avail.  I have tried everything but prescription drugs.  It's a fine line to walk when you know they carry possible complications, but now that I feel completely overwhelmed with the inability to do things while the to do lists pile up, it's time to figure something out.

The mind-blowingest part of all of this?  I have gained ten pounds and look enormous.  I can feel baby quite a bit these days which is a huge blessing in this mess.

I think all of my sweet friends and family know the countdown to D-Day as well as I do.  Nearly halfway there.

For now, the mantra of my life shall be this.

Prayers for renewed strength and health would be so appreciated.

Because otherwise?  This precious babe, cute as it may be, will be starting life on this side with a grounding sentence for life.

(pictured at 18+ weeks - on a day that happened to be good.  I was probably unrecognizable to my family wearing real clothes and actual makeup.)

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